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Satellite Installation & Repairs In Peterborough & Surrounds

European Satellite TV

Rory will be able to help you set up the signal to watch premium subscription TV channels in various languages. There are also encrypted channels, which require a decryption card to be unlocked, that Rory will be able to give you access to.

Freesat TV

Rory can install digital satellite systems to receive Freesat SD, Freesat HD, and Freesat+. He can also service and maintain existing digital satellite systems, such as European Satellite TV. He offers free quotations for all new Freesat installations, along with same day or next day services.

Sky TV

Rory can install a range of Sky TV systems to help you receive a range of channels and packages, including Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Sky+, Sky+ HD, and Sky 3D. He is also able to service and maintain existing Sky TV satellites and packages. He offers free quotations for new installations, along with same day services that aim to bring you the best Sky TV has to offer.

Satellite Repairs

When do I need to have my satellite dish looked at?

If any of the following is happening to you, you may need to call Rory for help.

  • If your picture keeps freezing, or is not moving at all
  • If you are only able to record the program you are currently watching
  • If you are seeing the message “No Satellite Signal Received”

Why would my satellite dish need to be repaired?

  • The low noise block may have reached the end of its lifespan
  • The satellite receiver may require a software update
  • The cable itself might be in need of replacement
  • Tall trees may have slowly grown to the point where they are interfering with the line of sight between the dish and the satellite
  • External, substandard joints have accumulated rust within the cable connectors

Rory will diagnose the problem and do the necessary repairs to restore your satellite system to its original quality.

Call 07818550908 for new satellite quotes and installations.