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TV Aerial Repair & Installation In Peterborough & Surrounds


Rory offers free estimates with no obligations for Freeview aerial installations and can attend your property within a day of your call. Rory’s installations are backed by a one-year minimum standard parts and labour guarantee. However, if it is established that a repair to your TV Aerial system is required, Rory will diagnose the fault at a domestic rate of £40 plus parts as per his Prices page on this website.

All installations are aligned and checked with a state of the art digital signal meter to ensure you are receiving the best reception possible, and Rory can add additional TV points to any or all other rooms in the house at an affordable rate if you wish to discuss these options further.

Rory offers Free Estimates for all new Freeview TV aerial installations, and can typically attend your property within a day of your telephone call.

If your aerial equipment has been damaged in the storms and you’re thinking of claiming against your legitimate insurance policy, Rory can help as he has done for many other people over the years. All estimates for new installations are provided completely free of any charge, and you are under no obligation to have any work carried out.

Rory can also provide advice about watching televisions in multiple rooms of your choosing, simply ask him during your free consultation visit!

BT Vision

BT Vision gives you access to on-demand digital TV channels and packages, and access to BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV Player, STV, My5, and Milkshake. BT Vision requires a digital compatible aerial, BT Vision receiver, and broadband connection. Rory can install the correct aerial for you, and assist with setting up your BT Vision receiver and ethernet or Wi-Fi devices.


YouView gives you access to Freeview channels and free-to-view TV on demand from a range of service providers. To receive YouView, you will need a digital compatible aerial, YouView receiver, and broadband connection. Call Rory now for your free YouView installation quote.

DAB/FM Radio Aerial

Rory sources and installs high quality AM, FM, or even DAB aerials, providing radio reception wherever you require it.

Aerial Repairs

Why do I have poor signal and why is my image pixelated?

Old cables
Cheaply made sub standard splitters
Poor tightening of the TV aerial or mast
An old dipole cap has cracked and allowed water to seep in
The TV aerial amplifier is older than ten years

Why is my TV aerial deteriorating?

Although TV aerials are predominantly made of aluminium, it is usually plastic dipoles or poor quality fixings that ultimately end a TV aerial’s life-span.

How do I know if my TV aerial has not been installed properly?

Many faults in TV aerial installations result from inferior brackets to hold tall masts. For example, a nine-inch bracket used to hold a ten-foot steel mast or an aerial and six-foot mast supported by an inferior bracket. Other bad practices include using rat-tail joins, where bare coax cables are stripped and twisted and taped over without the appropriate cable connectors.

Rory doesn’t take shortcuts and always does the job right first-time, avoiding all problems associated with inferior installations. He believes in rugged fixings and will ensure that your aerial and masts are securely fastened.

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘£50 or Under New TV Aerial Installation’ Con

When an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is.

For the price of £50 or under you will in theory be provided with a small, inexpensive TV aerial, and the cost will cover only a very straightforward swap. The word “Installation” in this context is a bit disingenuous since it refers to an aerial upgrade – not an actual TV aerial installation.
In addition, to qualify for this deal requires you will need to meet the following criteria:

(1) Your TV aerial will need to be located in an easily accessible location such as your loft space – where the swap can be carried out within a short time frame and not incur anything more than a minimal labour cost, and/or
(2) Your current fixings and cable or distribution components will need to be up to ‘As-new’ standard. Additional work will likely need to be carried out to replace the existing fixings or cable or both – and a small inexpensive aerial will only suffice if you’re lucky enough to live in a prime reception area.

Please stop to think about all this for a second:

The cost of labour plus travelling time and expenses for £50 or less would almost certainly entail the company incurring a loss rather than a profit.

It simply isn’t feasible.

You could easily wind up paying a few hundred pounds over the odds based on national rates, because the bigger companies promising such attractive ‘……from’ prices incur higher advertising overheads and running costs. And it is precisely the bigger companies who are ‘quoting’ these highly unlikely ‘£50 and under’ aerial installations.

This suggests that the actual cost of dealing with a company offering such an ‘attractive offer’ will in all likelihood be much higher because you will ‘need’ a better quality aerial and better quality components.

We’re not saying it’s entirely impossible, but the odds of an under £50 aerial install, if not easily and efficiently accessible, in which all other components are up to standard, are stacked heavily against you. And for this reason it is deemed by most earnest installers to be a con trick to ‘get a foot in the door’.

Rory only provides bench-marked and trade-approved components that carry a minimum 12 month warranty period and he works to the highest level of workmanship.
He also offers a free on-site survey to ensure that he always provides clients with an accurate quote. In addition, Rory promises to beat any realistic quotation that includes tried and trusted bench-marked components..

For a free site survey or same day TV aerial repairs, call 07818550908.